Through the Whirlpool

A lone nomad in an alien ocean battles for survival.

A surfer pulls her brother from a poison slick.

Evil approaches through the whirlpool, threatening death and destruction.

Only by trusting each other can they save their worlds.

ISBN: 9780957655171 (print); 9780957655102 (epub); 9780957655126 (KDP print).

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Book description

Through the Whirlpool, Book I in Seeking the Jewel Fish, an environmental fantasy.

A magical fantasy spanning parallel dimensions. Adventures on the ocean and a fight to subsist on a supernatural tropical island while an ominous slick leaches poison from our world into theirs. Kreh-ursh, Jade, Miguel, Geh-meer and Kyle must combat the restless dead and corporate greed to ensure the environmental survival of their separate worlds.

“… takes me back to the joy of reading Anne McCaffrey!”


“This beautifully written story about a boy called Kreh-ursh and a girl called Jade whose very different worlds are slowly being drawn together takes me back to the joy of reading Anne McCaffrey as a child. K. Eastkott populates Kreh-ursh’s world with strange and wonderful creatures and yet the sea and the islands that the boy moves between seem as real as anything in our world, so completely has he imagined it. At the beginning of the story Kreh-ursh is about to set out on a challenging initiation, called sea-nomad-becoming, grieving over the death of his friend. Jade’s life is also ruled by love of the sea, but both worlds are threatened by the same ecological disaster. The theme is a timely one. I can’t wait to read the next book.” – Jule Owen, author of “The House Next Door” trilogy