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Cover of Celia's Room

When the freedom of the night turns to deadly obsession …

Two artists, addicted to a nightlife of sex, drugs and deception, fall under the spell of the enigmatic Celia. The games they are learning to play draw all three into conflict, leading them to the truth of Celia’s Room.

An LGBT+ novel of the Barcelona night

Free art in Barcelona …

Discover Catalan art and history as you explore this Mediterranean port. Online maps guide you around Barcelona’s sculpture, poetry and architecture.

Theatre for teaching English …

100 Meters – An EFL/ESL play about a girl who overcame disability, poverty and racism to become the fastest woman in the world!

US English at pre-intermediate CEFR A2 level

Dragons and whirlpools in a fantasy ocean world …

A lone nomad in an alien ocean battles for survival.

A surfer pulls her brother from a poison slick.

Evil approaches through the whirlpool, threatening death and destruction.

Only by trusting each other can they save their worlds.

Through the Whirlpool, Book I in Seeking the Jewel Fish, an environmental fantasy.

Adrift in an alien sea, he must find and destroy the evil attacking his world.

To save her sick brother, she vows to stop a new factory from polluting her home.

Alone, they are helpless. Together, they stand a chance.

Twilight Crosser, second book in ‘Seeking the Jewel Fish’, an environmental fantasy.

Seeking across worlds for his lost friend, he meets a spirit greedy for what he has: life.

Miguel is pulled through the whirlpool; Jade is alone in an alien world, while Kreh-ursh and Kyle lie dying.

To save them she must travel deep into this unknown land, even to the lake of stone.

Lake of Stone, third book in “Seeking the Jewel Fish”, an environmental fantasy.